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Court Reporting Management Software

A few words from our amazing customers


As the owner of a small firm for many years, I never thought I could "afford" a scheduling/billing software program. Using several different programs I would input the same info multiple times and never thought a thing about it. Enter a new office manager who makes a simple comment, "Why do we have to input the same info over and over--what a time suck!! [head slap!] Enter Reporter Agency Works!! Why did I wait so long??

Once a job is entered on the calendar --poof!! All the info you need for however long the case lasts, all you enter is the witness name. No more repetitive entry!! Reporter notification--so seamless. They love being able to log in and see what's outstanding what's to be paid.

Notices are never lost. Incredibly useful reports. And the tutorials are invaluable, but Missy and her staff are a phone call or email away and are always helpful!!

Hate I waited so long, but I'm thrilled with the ease of use and time savings RepAgencyWorks has brought to my office. You will be too!!

APRIL GOLDBERGExpress Court Reporting, Inc.

I went on RAW in June of 2014 and never looked back. I’ve been in business as Express Court Reporting, Inc. here in South Florida since 2000. I needed a software to suit court reporting needs and not have to spend hours of learning new software. As the owner of a boutique court reporting company, this software is an asset.

I’ve done my research, and I highly recommend RAW. The support team has been great. They are very well-trained and will address your questions right away. What I like about this system the most, is if you put in a request to add something to suit your needs, simply request your “wish list” and they do everything to make it happen for you. They are truly top-notch.

I have seen many changes through the couple of years I’ve been on RAW, and this is a very user-friendly software. No special training needed. If you know how to use a computer, this is the software you want to buy. RAW has made running my business so much easier with scheduling jobs, running payroll, and having a repository that allows you to keep everything in one place at the touch of your fingers. You can even access it from any electronic device at any time. Highly recommend the software.

Karen LadinaCRS

I have had my own business since Oct. 2014, but have been on the administrative side of things in the court reporting industry since 1988. I've used RAW since 2012 (purchased 2014 though). I selected RAW because of its diversity and user-friendly interface. It is a valued tool to my business. The friendly and knowledgeable support team is unmatched. I've used many office management systems throughout my years in the industry, but never have I experienced prompt response and personalized support than I have with RAW. I feel as though Missy is part of my team! Thank you, RAW!

Stephen J. Metschl PresidentMetschl And Associates

Metschl & Associates is a 58 year old court reporting agency with offices in two cities. We cover depositions throughout Western New York State.

In 2013, after careful consideration, I upgraded my deposition management software to RepAgencyWorks. Developer Rick Evans and his support staff were extremely helpful during our initial transition into RepAgencyWorks and are consistently attentive to our support needs. Most impressive is Rick’s willingness to listen to his client software users and integrate their suggestions into RepAgencyWorks.

Stevens-Koenig ReportingJudy Stevens President / CEO

My name is Judy Stevens and I'm the President/CEO of Steven-Koenig Reporting in Denver, Colorado. Our office moved from another billing program almost five years ago, and we all truly wish we would have switched sooner. RepAgencyWorks (RAW) does everything (and more) that our previous program did and is much more user friendly. Our office staff learned the program within days and became proficient in all aspects of the scheduling, invoicing, and payment platforms. We had asked our previous vendor literally for years to write programs for reports that we needed, and RAW either already provided those reports or Rick had them written and operational within a week.

The customer service is beyond compare. You don't get a voicemail when you call in and you're not told "Olz, that's in the NEXT upgrade, only to learn (four upgrades later) that it isn't.

When we converted our previous data into RAW, our accountant checked every number line-by-line and found that everything matched up to the penny for all the previous years' accounting. She was so happy with the new program, the accuracy and the ease of use, that I thought she was going to send flowers to Missy. All of us in the office struggled with there never being any significant upgrades on our previous vendor's product, even though we'd been promised changes countless times, as well as unanswered voicemail messages. That just does not happen when you're on RAW.

Lastly, we're paying at least 1/5th of what we paid previously, yet are getting about 500% more. RAW is the most economical product out there, yet provides everything you need to run a court reporting business. Our reporters love it, our staff loves it, and we have not had a single moment of regret for dumping the previous vendor.

RAW was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the program or the customer service and want to discuss that with me. I'm here to help.

Jorge P. Dominguez Managing PartnerCCROLA

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter recommending and endorsing RepAgencyWorks, or RAW, as we call them. RAW has been the platform for our business since our inception in 2012. From calendar & billing to transcript production & document repository, RAW has got us covered.

We reviewed and demoed many court reporting agency management solutions, and RAW was the clear choice for us. It is user friendly, intuitive, and comes with stellar tech support. I believe Rick Evans truly cares about the agency owners and helping to solve our challenges. As a result, we all get the benefit of this fantastic program called RAW.

Our agency has now grown to where we're covering over 500 jobs a month, and RAW has been there with us every step of the way meeting all of our needs. I consider Rick, Lindsay, Missy and the entire RAW Team an extension of our company and would strongly recommend them to an agency of any size.


We were thrilled to have the new software; it was so much better than what we had had in the past."

"RAW software is a wonderful, time-saving product. It does everything that we need in the court reporting business, and at a lower price than other similar products. I have worked with it now for seventeen plus years, and have never had a major problem. In fact, the only problem we've ever had was operator error!"

"Rick and his staff provided extensive training to make sure we were comfortable with all aspects of the program, and they are always available to answer any questions that may arise. All of the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable and always ready to help."

"RAW really helps to make my business run smoothly and more productively. I would certainly recommend this software for all court reporting services."

Heather E. PenfoundPenfound Court Reporting

General thanks for the constant improvements. We are just over our first year with RepAgencyWorks, and over that time we have been pleasantly surprised at the number of improvements and upgrades to the software. We often comment amongst each other that every new addition or change to the existing system is immediately useful and makes it a delight to know that as we become more proficient the program is constantly evolving to offer more solutions and opportunities to track our business. Thank you!


"Missy, you've done so much to improve my business (and yes, incorporating RAW being one of them), SERIOUSLY, I can't thank you enough!"

I was introduced to RAW in 2009. There are many aspects of the program that we use and absolutely do not want to be without. For starters, the calendar allows you to access your jobs from anywhere. First thing in the morning, I log in from my mobile device to know where my jobs will be for the day. I can also view where our reporters will be, as well. In addition, all of our notices are uploaded to the program, wherein you can view your notices from any location.

I also enjoy having the document repository. Once I've completed a job, I upload the job to RAW and if additional copies are ordered, my office can instantly e-mail the assignment to the client.

As far as invoicing, RAW allows you to enter your appearance fees, pages ordered, mailing fees, etc. The program calculates everything else. This is a huge time saver. I previously used QuickBooks to enter our invoicing. With RAW there's a minute amount of data entry.

When it comes to payroll, I simply check off in RAW the invoices paid, and the program calculates the commissions for you. Yes, another huge time saver. There are numerous tools that I love about the program. I can definitely, highly recommend this software to any agency.

Jennifer ClarkRocket Reporting

We're really rocking and rolling with RAW and love it so far.


Five years on RepAgencyWorks equals five years with an office on the go. Everything I need right in the palm of my hands: the calendar, invoicing, payroll, and the repository. Convenient and very user friendly. Built by reporters for reporters, and it keeps getting better. Best business decision I made!

Barry Brazil Brazil & Company

Brazil & Company is a litigation support firm servicing Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We have been using RepAgencyWorks as our CRM tool for just under a year, and are very pleased with the transition. Their web based tool is mobile and easy to use. The training and support is outstanding. Unlike RB today, access to custom development is possible, relatively flexible and affordable. Customization and support were the main reasons we choose to move to RAW. We made a good decision...